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Ultra Highflow Filter Cartridge

Features & Benefits
A. Gradient pore structure
B. Up to 110M3/H flow rate per filter cartridge for water filtration
C. Maximum 50% reduction of filter system
D. 20", 40" and 60" lengths are available
E. All contaminants can be removed off inside the cartridge by the inside - out flow direction

highflow filter.jpg

Recommended Operating Conditions


A. Maximum Operating Temperature:

     Pleated glass fiber - 121℃

     Pleated PP  - 82℃ 

     Melt Blown PP - 65℃
B.Maximum Differential Pressure:

     Pleated glass fiber - 4.0bar 

     Pleated PP - 4.0Bar

     Melt Blown PP - 2.5Bar

C. Recommended Change out Differential Pressure : 

     1.5Bar at 20℃
D.Suggested Flowrate of water:

    20"Length : 250~660LPM

    40"Length : 500~1,300LPM

    60"Length : 800~1,900LPM



A. Prefiltration of RO,Pretreatment of sea water Desalination;
B. Condensate water filtration,hot water recovery in power generation;
C. API, solvents,and water filtration in BioPharm Market;
D. The filtration of bottled water, high Fructose, edible oil, soft drinks,and       milk;
E. Paints and coatings,Petrochemical,Refineries;

F. Microelectronics,film,fiber and resin;

Material of Construction


A. Filter media: Pleated glass fiber, Pleated PP, Melt Blown PP
B. Support/Drainage: Polypropylene(PP)
C. End caps:Glass fiber reinforced Polypropylene
D. O-ring seal:EPDM, NBR

Cartridge Dimensions


A. Removal Ratings:1um, 4.5um, 6um, 10um, 20um, 40um, 70um, 100um
B. Outside Diameter: 6"/152mm
C. Length: 20"/528mm, 40"/1022mm, 60"/1538mm

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