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ACF Carbon Impregnated Cellulose Cartridge Filters


The carbon impregnated cellulose filter cartridges are the composite combine the performance of depth filtration and the adsorption of activated carbon fine.The outside deep fiber media can remove particles,and the activated carbon in filter cloth can adsorb the smell,odor,sediment,pigment,VOC and organic chemicals.The inside fiber filter can prevent carbon particles and fine pollutants to pass through,insuring the efficient quality and integrated filtration

Feaures & Benefits


A. Economically priced
B. Provides sediment filtration and adsorption finished in one time process
C. High dirt-holding capacity
D. Recommended for chlorinated water application
E. Adsorption of organic substances



A. Plating solution
B. Solution of photograph developing
C. Solution to remove oil and aromatic
D. Oil and aromatic series in solution
E. Removing dissociative chlorine and volatine organic compounds(VOC) in solution
F. Drinking water and R.O pure water treatment
G. Remove smell,odor,organic pigment
H. Remove organic chemical



A. Filter media: AC Impregnated Cellulose
B. End cap:Vinly Plastisol
C. Netting:Polyethylene
D. Core:Polypropylene
E. Reinforcement Backing:Cellulose Polyester
F. Gasket:Buna-N
G. Outer diameter:67mm
H. Inner diameter:28mm
I. Maximum operating temperature:52℃

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