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GAC Granular Activated Carbon Filter Cartridge


Features & Benefits
A. Designed to fill with granular activated carbon media
B. Reduce chlorine,bad taste and odors high effectively
C. General reduction of bacteria from drinking water
D. Engineered to allow water to enter on end and pass through the entire bed of carbon before exiting through the other end
E. An internal expansion pad added to minimize channeling or bypass
F. A nominal 20 micron PP spun post filter and special sponge is incorporated to reduce carbon fines and other suspended particles




A. Drinking water



A. Filter media:Mineral GAC & Coconut shell GAC
B. End cap/outer casing:Polystyrene
C. Expansion pad:Polypropylene
D. Post filter incorporated:20 micron PP spun or sponge
E. Gasket:Buna-N,Santoprene
F. Netting:Polyethylene
G. Outer diameter:70mm,115mm
H. Inner diameter:28mm
I. Maximum operating temperature:52℃;

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