FR Series Introduce

The FR series are applicable to the desalinating treatment of those water resources with salt concentration less than 5000ppm, such as surface water, underground water, tap water, such as various scales of industrial intermediate-stage water reclamation, boiler water replenishment in power plant, and are especially applicable to the treatment of those water with slight organic pollutants, such as industrial wastewater, municipal sewage and other slightly contaminated water.

PURO fouling resistant RO element designed for poor quality water treatment, patent technology has been applied to the surface of membrane to change its electric charge and smoothness, increased the hydrophilicity of membrane surface, and decreased the adhesion of contamination and microbe, which slow down the fouling process and extend the service life of elements. PURO applied the newly designed 34mil feed spacer channel, optimized the turbulent distribution, greatly reduced the pressure loss, obtain better resistance to chemical cleaning, and improved the recovery of cleaning. 

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