VUF Series Introduce

  VUF series ultrafiltration membrane is spiral wound polyethersulfone membrane element developed by VONTRON. It has the characteristics of high heat resistance and chemical stability, uniform pore size and high molecule cut off accuracy. The VUF series ultrafiltration membrane element is welded by rotary welding process, shich ensures very low fluid resistance and high durability of the membrane element.

  VUF series ultrafiltration membrane can effectively remove proteins, viruses, macromolecular organics, pigments, polysaccharides and other macromolecular from water, and permeate inorganice salts, micromolecular pigments,monosaccharides and other micromolecular substances and water. It also can be used for separating different molecular weight materials to achieve the purpose of decolorization, purification and separation and concentration. VUF series ultrafiltration membranes are mainly used in the treatmetn of electronic ultrapure water, drinking water, municipal water and various industrial water, the pretreatment of RO system, and the separation and concentration of materials in biochemical, pharmaceutical and food industry.

Major Properties of 8 inch Special Separation Ultrafiltration Membrane

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