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Nylon Membrane Pleated Filter Cartridge


Features & Benefits
A. Hydrophilic Nylon 6 membrane pleated cartridges with absolutely rated
B. Cartridges consist of a Nylon 6 membrane with thermally bonded polypropylene components to provide a very durable filter with only two               materials of construction.
C. Superior flow rate and efficiency maximizing performance
D. Non-fiber releasing according to pharmaceutics and food industry requirements.
E. Possessing  better performance of high temperature-resistance,acid and base resistance.
F. Remove particles and microorganisms greater than 0.2µm from gas and liquid
G. Cartridges 100% integrity tested by bubble point and diffusional flow to ensure consistent and reliable performance
H. Flushed with ultrapure water to remove any manufacturing debris
I. No adhesive,thermal bonded manufacturing without adhesives




A. Final filtration for bacteria removal in reverse osmosis,deionization and other      ultrapure water systems
B. Particle filtration for ultrapure chemicals
C. Semiconductor,Electronic industry ultrapure water system
D. Food and beverage,drinking water treatment
E. Plating solutions
F. Pharmaceuticals

Material of Construction


A. Media:Hydrophilic Nylon
B. Support layer:Polypropylene
C. Core/Cage/End adaptor:Polypropylene
D. Sealing method:Thermal bonding

Recommended Operating Conditions


A. Max.Differential pressure:
B. Forward-70psi (4.8bar) at 25℃
C. Reverse-40psi (2.7bar) at 25℃
D. Filters change recommended at 1.5bar
E. Max.Operating temperature:80℃
F. Sterilization:20times,30Minutes cycles at 121℃

Cartridge Dimensions


A. Filtration Area:0.65㎡ each 10″length
B. Outer Diameter:69mm
C. Nominal Length:5″,10″,20″,30″,40″etc
D. Micron Rating:0.1,0.2,0.45,0.65µm

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