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PCP Series Polyester Cellulose Pleated Cartridge Filters


Features & Benefits
• Pleated design increase filtration surface area;
• Pleated design maximizes dirt-holding capacity;
• Designed for general water filtration purposes;
• Polyester cellulose media is bacteria and chemical resistant;
• Versatile and reusable, allowing for a variety of uses;
• Low pressure drop, high flowrate;



• general water and R.O treatment;
• residential commercial water treatment;
• acid-base liquid in chemical processing;
• industrial chemicals and organic solvents;
• processing of sterile water and ultrapure water;
• industrial water and plating liquid;

Material of Construction


• Media: Polyester cellulose;
• Core: Polypropylene;
• End caps: Vinyl plastisol;

Recommended Operating Conditions


• Maximum differential pressure: 4.0bar at 20℃
• Recommended change out: 1-1.5bar
• Maximum temperature: 52℃
• Flow rate 3-10GPM per 10"L, depend on removal rating

Removal Rating( μm )


• 1, 5, ...50

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