SW Series Introduce

SW(Seawater) series are aromatic polyamide RO membrane elements, which are newly developed  by Vontron Enviro-Tech Co.,Ltd. and are applicable to seawater desalination. By optimizing the structure of membrane elements, the SW series increases the permeate flow, and requires fewer elements for same permeate flow. It is characterized by low operating pressure,small equipment investment,excellent rejection rate and reliable performance, and its high salt rejection can ensure producing the drinking water from seawater simply ghrough one-stage RO system.


  The SW series are applicable to the treatment of seawater and high-concentration brackish water. SW4040 membrane elements are designed for seawater desalting, brackish water desalting and boiler water replenishment of power plant, as well as various applications, such as recycling of wastewater, concentrating and reclamation of such high additional value substances as foodstuff and medicine, etc.

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