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XLP Series Introduce

XLP(Extra Low Pressure) series are the extra low-pressure aromatic composite membrane elements developed by Vontron Enviro-Tech Co.,Ltd. applicalbe to surface water and underground water. It can work under extra low pressure to reach as high permeate flow and salt rejection as regular low-pressure membrane element can. It operates under approximately half of the operating pressure of regular low-pressure composite membrane, and enjoys a salt rejection rate of up to 98.0%, which can decrease the investment costs for such relevant facilities as pump,piping, and container,etc. and the operating cost for the RO system, thus increasing the economic efficiency.


  Being suitable for the desalination treatment of those low salt-content water resources not requiring high salt rejection, such as surface water,underground water,tap water and municipal water,etc. which have a salt concentration lower than 1000ppm,XLP series membrane elements are especially applicable to the second-stage desalination with two-stage RO, and are mainly applied to numerous applications of various scales, such as pure water, boiler water replenishment,foodstuff processing, and pharmaceutical production, etc.

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